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Crispin grew up in London’s West End as a teenager, and like many he trod the boards and was stuck to guitar-shop windows. He started working at Regent Sounds in 2004 before he took over the shop six years later, and he’d become fascinated by the history of the place. Like most buildings on the street, it had a star-studded past, but perhaps no other building has quite the same significance as this former home of Regent Sound recording studio.

The studio was established in 1951, primarily as a demo studio and photographic studio for session musicians and the street’s publishing business – a requirement that prompted other studios to follow at number eight (Southern Music), nine (Central Sound), 21 (KPM, whose legendary “library music” instrumentals were recorded there), and 22 (Pan/TPA).

Regent went on to become one of London’s busiest studios. In the 60s, it was run by James Baring, who hired Bill Farley. Bill engineered the first Stones album, recorded in its entirety at Regent across a few days in early ’64, and most of the second LP there. “The first one was done all in England,” Keith Richards later told Rolling Stone magazine, “in a little demo studio in Tin Pan Alley, as it used to be called –Denmark Street in Soho. We used to think, ‘Oh, this is a recording studio, huh? This is what they’re like?’ A tiny little backroom.” The little room was good enough to conjure demos and records for everyone from Vera Lynn to Black Sabbath, from Petula Clark to Jimi Hendrix, from The Kinks to Bananarama, until it closed in the 1980s.

After that, number four became a print shop for a while, and then in 1995 it opened as the Helter Skelter music bookshop. That lasted until 2003, and in the first weeks of the following year Rick Harrison opened it as the Regent Sounds Studio guitar shop. Crispin recalls a Russian oligarch who used to come in with his daughter. “She just pointed at stuff, and he’d go: ‘We take it,’ ‘We take it,’ ‘We take it.’ And basically he bought most of the shop. Sadly, that never happened again!”

These days, Crispin looks forward especially to Joe Walsh’s regular visits. “He walks along, and he puts his hand up to where a guitar’s on the wall, lifts it, and goes, ‘I won’t take that one.’ Next one, he lifts it, and goes, ‘I’ll take that one.’ Next one, ‘I’ll take that one,’ next one, ‘I won’t take that one.’ It’s like the scene out of Little Britain, ‘Want that one; don’t like that.’ It’s very entertaining. He’s a living legend.”

For Crispin, and for many more of the street’s fans, Denmark Street has a viable future – with its three new venues, fancy hotel, and all the rest – we want to to get it right. “All I’m trying to do,” Crispin says with commendable modesty, “is balance running a good guitar shop with raising awareness of the history of the studio and the street as a whole. It’s an incredibly special place, and I feel passionately about protecting it for future generations, until it’s my turn to hand the baton on, so to speak. It’s a difficult balancing act – but trying to appeal to tourists, pro musicians, and beginners alike is a long tradition, and I’m honoured to be a part of it. The future of Denmark Street, to me, is a matter of trying to get the balance right for everybody.


For the last thirteen years we have strived to be London’s most comprehensive, knowledgeable and longest running Fender and Gretsch dealer in the city and we are very proud to be a part of the rich musical history and tradition of the world famous Denmark Street.

The London Guitar shop is located in the old Regent Sound Studio. We care a lot about our history and the wonderful variety of music that has been written, performed and recorded here over the years. Since our ownership change in 2010 we have strived to provide the best possible customer service. Between us we have many years of experience always offer informed, accurate and honest information in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Our mission has always been to help and advise fellow musicians, beginners and collectors find the right instruments and provide them with the best selection of products we can find. We seek out what we consider to be the best products both new and old from around the world. For people of all abilities and ages from all walks of life. 


4 Denmark Street London WC2H 8LP

Phone: 0207 379 6111 *


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We have a very knowledgeable team here at Regent Sounds with years of experience so please get in touch if you have any questions.

* Please note, calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes. 

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Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.   

Sunday & Bank Holidays 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.


Listen to the street – Exclusive playlists and shows from the heart of Denmark Street.

A curated playlist by Crispin of Regent Sounds Regent Sounds.

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