Amplify Her: Striking a Power Chord for Women in Music at the Lower Third – May 31

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In a world that often pulses to the beat of the latest chart-topping hits, it’s easy to overlook the persistent dissonance that echoes within the music industry. It’s a sound familiar to many: the quiet hum of inequality and underrepresentation. And it’s a tune that is about to change, thanks to the harmonious efforts of Amplify Her.

Led by trailblazing singer-songwriter Andrea Dee, Amplify Her is an initiative on a mission: to strike a power chord for women in the music industry, resounding their talents, capabilities, and aspirations far beyond the confines of the metaphorical green room. The initiative’s upcoming live event series is anticipated to be a symphony of empowerment, opportunity, and fresh talent – a resounding crescendo of female voices that have, for too long, been muted or obscured behind the industry’s curtain.

Yet Amplify Her aims to do more than merely stage these voices – it aims to amplify them. The series promises to be a diverse array of genres, showcasing an eclectic mix of both emerging and established female artists, from the pounding drums of rock to the hypnotic waves of electronic music. It’s an effort that transcends mere performance, seeking to equip its artists with the tools, knowledge, and network necessary to navigate and thrive within an industry that has, historically, strummed predominantly to a male beat.

“It’s about creating a bridge between the industry and the artists,” says Andrea Dee, the initiative’s founder and a seasoned music industry veteran herself. Having toured extensively across the US, Europe, and the UK, Dee’s own experiences underline the need for a communal space for guidance, support, and mutual growth – a stage where female artists can bask in the spotlight and, more importantly, belong.

But Amplify Her isn’t merely an opening act. With a series of events ranging from live performances to networking opportunities and workshops, it is an ongoing commitment to a more equal and inclusive music industry. It’s a commitment shared by its partnering local organizations and venues, all singing from the same hymn sheet of gender equality. The intention is to foster an environment that continues to empower and elevate women throughout their musical journeys, creating a community that supports each other to reach the next level.

Amplify Her’s call for an encore to equality echoes far beyond the industry, extending an invitation to music enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone passionate about gender equality. By attending these events, you’re not just getting a ticket to a gig – you’re contributing to a more diverse, inclusive, and vibrant music community.

Emily Sambrook will be performing live on the night.

So whether you’re an ardent fan, an industry insider, or someone who simply believes in the necessity for diversity and inclusivity, there’s a place for you in Amplify Her’s audience. As the lights dim and the curtain rises on this groundbreaking initiative, one thing is certain: the music industry’s score is about to change, and it will echo to the rhythm of equality. Be there to see it. Be there to hear it. Be there to Amplify Her.

The venue is the Lower Third, a place known to host the extraordinary.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 31, at 7:00 PM

Amplify Her, is a live music event supporting women in the industry. Amplify Her, is a live music and networking event that is open to anyone.

This is an 18+ event

Get tickets HERE

Denmark Street Radio proudly announces the launch of Amplify Her, a monthly show championing women in music. Premiering Tuesday, May 30th, at 2 pm and repeating Saturday at noon, each episode will also be accessible on our Mixcloud, ensuring the message of empowerment reverberates continually.

Written by: Marcos D'Cruze

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